Your 2017 CHCA Membership expires Dec  31, 2017


The 2018 Membership year is upon us and we encourage all residents to participate in the Cambrian Heights Community and the Social and Lifestyle activities by purchasing a family or individual membership.

Annual Membership Fees remain the same for 2018 even with the increased social calendar!!

Family (3 or more): $15
Individual: $5
Senior (+65): $5
Non-Resident: $15

Your membership fees provide access to volunteer-run facilities, discounts to the many social events and sponsoring and providing funds for the volunteer efforts of:

Community Facilities Programs
•      Winter Ice Rinks •      Monthly Social & Recreational Programs
•      Hall Maintenance •      Spring Clean-Up
•      Managing Hall Rentals •      Yoga (discounted rates to Members)
•      Hall Rental (10% discount to Members) •      Learn to play Bridge
•      Community Gardens
•      McKnight Soccer Registration
•      Edelweiss Pre-School Registration

Financial support also provides the ability for our volunteers to monitor, educate and assist residents in understanding and reacting to development projects in the Community and City initiatives that will impact or residents now and in the future.

Please renew your memberships and enjoy the benefits of a vigorous community, well-maintained facilities and reduced social & program fees throughout the year.


Introduction to X-Country Skiing January 14 Member Discount
Introduction to Nordic Walking & Snowshoeing January 21 Member Discount
Polar Party January 28 Free
Game Night February 11 Member Discount
Wine Tasting March 25 Member Discount
Annual General Meeting May 18 Free
Neighbourhood Cleanup June 18 Free
Stampede Breakfast July 15 Free
Halloween Party October 28 Member Discount
Open House November Free

For more information on membership-related issues, please contact our membership coordinator at, or leave a message at the community hall phone at 403-284-1175.

Purchase your membership today:

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