About Us

Cambrian Heights is located just south of Nose Hill Park.  Nestled between 14 street N.W. and Queen’s Park Cemetery, the area was annexed by the City of Calgary in 1910.  Housing developments began to appear in the community around 1957.  Cambrian Heights has many green spaces and parks, and borders on Confederation Park to the south.  The community is centered around Cambrian Heights Elementary School and the Cambrian Heights Community Hall.

The Cambrian Heights Community Association is a group of volunteers who live in the community and who strive to create activities and events to bring residents closer together.  They care for and manage the community hall and skating arena.  They provide an opportunity for residents to speak out on issues that are of concern to them, and to celebrate community milestones.


To engage the residents of Cambrian Heights and inspire participation in a variety of capacities to create a strong and vibrant community.


In supporting Cambrian Heights, our Community Association values where we came from, inclusiveness, participation, creativity,


Nurtures global citizenship, sustainability, diversity and collaboration.


To promote and foster Community spirit and better relations among the residents of the Community and with the Community at large;

To facilitate recreational, cultural, social, athletic, and educational activities of the residents of the Community.

To maintain and operate a centre for the various activities of the residents of the Community and a meeting place for the consideration and discussion of questions affecting the Community and the Association.

To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire or hold lands and buildings or any interest therein for the purpose of giving effect to the objects of the Association.

To otherwise generally serve and promote the interests of the Community as appropriate.