Volunteer Information

The Cambrian Heights Community Association sponsors numerous activities over the course of the year designed to enhance our Community and bring residents together through quality social, recreational and educational events. In order to continue these programs and to develop new programs, we need volunteers. This can be on a one time or multi commitment basis helping organize or directing, cleanup, advertising, or preparation. Experience the satisfaction of participation and meet new people in your community.

The recent “Dog Park” issue was an excellent example of what volunteers can accomplish in a community.

The Board of Directors is in need of residents who are willing to volunteer some of their time towards maintaining the Cambrian Heights Community active, financially strong and relevant to those that reside here.

These positions on the Board are part-time as the Board meets monthly, 10 times a year. Meetings take place in the evening and are designed to handle all issues affecting the community including traffic and development permits, social event planning, community hall programs, rentals, and financial budget planning.

Thanks to these efforts our community remains in sound financial position with an excellent community facility.

We need general board members as well as those focused on financial, developmental planning and social activities. We have a core group that will make your volunteer efforts efficient and not all time-consuming.

Participate where and when you are able and in areas that touch you personally. Bring new ideas and enthusiasm. That way, the community will continue to grow while maintaining the attributes that brought us all to the area.

Attend a Board meeting, email or talk to other existing Board members.

Check out these Participation Builds Your Community interviews with previous volunteers:

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If you wish to volunteer or just discuss the possibilities please contact our President Daryl Connolly (President@cambrianheightscommunity.com or 403-470-5339) or any other of the Directors shown in the website under Contact Us