Hall Rental Agreement

1) Security Deposit Policy

Security Deposit is due at the time the “Facility Rental Agreement” is signed. If you are paying by cheque, your cheque is cashed and held in our account. If either the security deposit or rental cheques are returned from the bank NSF, a fee of $25 will be charged.

The rental fee is due one month prior to event date.
If less than 1 month, payment must be in cash.

The Hall is inspected before and after your rental. If damage has occurred, items are missing or additional janitorial services are required to return the Hall to its original state the costs associated with such items will be deducted from your security deposit before the balance (if any) is returned to you. Any damage that is “willful or intentional” will result in the forfeiture of the entire deposit. The Security deposit will be returned by mail after the Hall Manager confirms everything is in good order. The security deposit refund cheque is written by the Treasurer and signed by one other Board member. This process takes 2 to 3 weeks. $100.00 an hour, or any portion of an hour, will be charged to clean the Hall if any janitorial duties are neglected by the renter. The Cambrian Heights Community Association is a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers. This fee reflects the cost of hiring additional janitorial contractors on a short-term basis.

  • The Renter is responsible for accidental or intentional damage to the Facility and its contents for the duration of the Agreement Period while the Facility is in the Renter’s care, custody and control. The Renter is additionally responsible for the proper behaviour of all Guests while entering, occupying or leaving the Facility.
  • The Security Deposit funds will be forfeited in whole or in part by the Renter if the Renter does not comply with all Terms and Conditions of the Facility Rental Agreement, and if the Calgary Police Service is required to attend the Facility during the Agreement Period.
  • The Security Deposit funds will be forfeited in whole or in part by the Renter for any damages to the Facility and/or contents either damaged or missing following the Agreement Period. The amount to be withheld will be at the discretion of the Association and will be equivalent to the costs of repair, restoration or replacement of item(s) damaged or missing. A written description of any damages and/or penalties and the amount to be withheld will be provided.
  • The Renter agrees to clean the Facility space used for the rental activity, to standards predetermined by the Association.

2) Renter’s Responsibilities:

  • Set up tables and chairs (Use carts and dolly provided, do not drag across the floor).
  • Clean tables and chairs and put them away in the storage room immediately following the event (Note: $100 will be deducted from the security deposit if tables/chairs are not put away).
  • Put all garbage and litter, compost and organic compost into bags provided and place inside the garbage/recycling receptacles located in the parking lot.
  • Remove all decorations and tape. Do not use duct tape to decorate. Remember that any decorating done Friday evening or Saturday morning needs to come down before 3:00 am Sunday morning. (Getting on a ladder at 3:00 in the morning to remove high decorations isn’t much fun.)
  • If you used the dishes/cutlery they must be washed in the dishwasher and returned to the shelves in the correct location.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Clean all kitchen and bar surfaces if you have used those areas
  • Ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked before leaving the facility.
  • Keep noise levels within the Hall area. Be a good neighbour to the area residents! We receive complaints from neighbourhood residents, by-law enforcement and the police when noise levels are too loud. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in forfeiture of the entire Security Deposit.
  • Ensure the exterior front foyer, areas where picnic tables are and parking lot are free of garbage.
  • The Renter agrees to monitor the volume of music played during the rental Agreement Period and to ensure that this is reasonable and that the neighbourhood residents are not disturbed.
  • The Renter retains accountability and responsibility for the behaviour and conduct of all persons using the facility as part of their rental activity. The noise must be reduced prior to 10:00 pm; this includes but is not limited to yelling, shouting loud music, and horns. The City of Calgary noise bylaw must be adhered to at all times. Residential complaints due to noise, or any public disturbance caused by the behaviour of the Renter or his/her Guests will be subject to a Security Deposit fee at the discretion of the Association.

3) Bar Usage

Liquor permits (available at any liquor outlet) are required for any events where alcohol is served. CHCA does not offer bartending service and does not have a liquor permit. CHCA does not charge a corkage fee. Renter agrees to post the liquor license in the hall.

  • The Renter agrees to abide by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) regulations and comply with conditions specified in any liquor permits.
  • The Renter agrees to provide the Association with any original liquor licenses prior to the event and to post the liquor license where clearly visible in the rented room. Failure to provide the license will result in the Renter not being able to serve alcoholic beverages.

4) Hall Usage

No candles or open flames permitted. No dance wax or other preparations may be used on the floor. No confetti or rice may be thrown in or on the premises or grounds. This includes all forms of confetti, including glitter, sequins, etc. The use of demonstrations using flammable liquids or pyrotechnics is strictly prohibited on the premises. The use of tacks, pins, duct tape, nails, etc. is not permitted. Do not use tape on the windows. Blow up climbers, bouncers and castles are strictly prohibited.

5) Kitchen

Stoves and ovens are not to be used for any other purpose other than reheating food. According to the National Fire Protection Act 96 Standard, this facility does not have the required fire suppression equipment to conduct any cooking with grease-laden vapours. Cooking which could produce excess heat, steam, smoke, or “grease laden vapours” is strictly prohibited and could result in the voiding of insurance and personal liability including charges under the Safety Code Act.

Renters may only utilize the stove for reheating of pre-cooked foods.

All food must be kept to the designated eating area (kitchen and main hall).
The kitchen must be kept clean (returned to its original condition) after each rental. Failure to do this will result in a $100/hour (or any portion of an hour) fee charged for cleaning.

6) Supplies/Cleaning

Tea towels, dishcloths, wiping rags, brooms, cleaning supplies, garbage bags and floor mops are provided for renters. These items are located in the Janitor’s room or in a kitchen drawer. The key to the Janitor’s room is the same key that opens the bar area and the storage room.

7) Duration of Rental

Rental is for the duration stated in the “Facility Rental Agreement”. The renter is responsible for cleanup, removal of all items belonging to the group and all other items referred to in this agreement. For Saturday rentals the Hall must be clean and vacated by 3 am Sunday morning.

8) Parking

There are stalls on the CHCA property and there is street parking available if needed. Please encourage your function attendees not to park in the alley.

9) Keys

One key for the Janitor’s room, bar area and storage closet and one key for the outside garbage receptacle is provided for each rental. These keys are kept in the kitchen drawer to the right of the small sink by the kitchen door. Ensure these keys are returned to the same drawer at the end of your event. It is not necessary to lock the storage closet and it will likely be unlocked for you at the start of your event.

10) Pet Policy

No pets or non working animals (ie guide dogs) are allowed in the Hall.

11) Fire Safety Plan and Smoking Policy

The CHCA is a non-smoking facility. Any evidence of smoking in the building will result in forfeiture of your Security Deposit.

In the event of a fire you need to call 911, even if the fire alarm is sounding. Safely vacate the building and phone 911 from a safe location or with a cell phone. Give the address, which is 600 Northmount Drive NW. There are two emergency exits off the main Hall. Please ensure you and your guests are aware of the locations of these exits. Fire extinguishers are located in the foyer, in the kitchen and in the hallway by the janitor’s room.

  • The Renter agrees to observe all fire code regulations, federal and provincial laws, and city bylaws.
  • The Renter agrees to maintain the number of Guests defined on the Facility Rental Agreement form. The Capacity of the hall is 150 people and the renter agrees to not have over this capacity.
  • No smoking is permitted in or on the building premises, and no smoking is permitted within 5 metres from any doorway, window or air intake. The City of Calgary smoking bylaw must be adhered to at all times.

12) Locking Up

Prior to leaving, ensure all thermostats are returned to the original settings (18 degrees Celsius).
Take all belongings with you and be sure the fridge(s) are empty.
Check to make sure all taps are turned off and the toilets are flushed.
Turn out all inside lights – outdoor lights should be left on.
Check to make sure stoves (burners and ovens) are turned off.
All upstairs Main Hall doors are self-locking. Please ensure they are closed and locked before leaving the facility.
Return the keys to the kitchen drawer to the right of the small sink by the kitchen door before you leave.

13) Cancellation Policy

CHCA will refund your security deposit if notice of cancellation has been given no later than one month prior to your event. Events cancelled later than one month prior to your event will result in forfeiture of your Security Deposit.

14) Liability and Insurance

  • The Renter agrees to save, indemnify and to hold the Association harmless from any legal liability for bodily injury or property damage arising by, or as a result of, the use and occupancy by the Renter of the Facility, including any claims arising from the dispensing of alcoholic beverages. The Renter further agrees to waive any right to recover against the Association for loss or damage incurred to the Association’s property during the term of this agreement.
  • The Renter agrees to provide proof of Third Party Liability Insurance coverage for the protection of the renter and their Guests against any bodily injury or property damage arising from their activities in renting the Association’s Facility if alcohol is served at any point during the rental term. Please initial in the box provided if you will have alcohol on the premises during the rental term.
  • The Renter will provide a copy of the third party liability insurance coverage to the Hall Manager by email, one month prior to rental date. Failure to provide documentation will result in cancellation of rental.

15) Authority:

  • The Association reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, before or during the Agreement Period if the Renter is not complying with the Terms and Conditions herein.
  • The Association reserves the right to enter the facility during the Agreement Period to ensure that these Terms and Conditions are adhered to.
  • Board or staff of the Association and the Calgary Police Service, Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission or other authorities wishing to inspect the rental activities have full and unconditional access to the rental activity, event or Facility as deemed appropriate by them.
  • Calgary Police Service and Calgary Fire Department personnel have the authority to enter the Facility premises and conduct occupant load counts during the Agreement Period to ensure the premises is not overcrowded, there are no blocked exits, and there are no activities which may be hazardous to the occupants of the premises, or the Facility itself.
  • Board or staff of the Association and the Calgary Police Service have the authority to cancel any rental activity in the Facility and have the authority to remove, or have removed, any persons from the Facility if it is felt that the Facility is not being used for the purpose for which this agreement is intended, or, that the Renter is not complying with the Liquor Control Act.