Another Successful Stampede Breakfast 2016

Once again the Stampede Breakfast was a grade success feeding over 300 with great food and community friendship. Despite the threatening weather and a torn up Northmount Drive we enjoyed generally quiet skies and the warmth of the Community Hall while the volunteers cooked up great pancakes and sausages out doors.

Once again I would like to thank all the volunteers and those that joined in for another successful community event. 

Next up our 60th Anniversary Picnic September 17th.

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Successful Community Cleanup

On behalf of Community Standards & Waste and Recycling Services, thank you Cambrian Heights. The weights collected this year:

Garbage: 9520 kgs

Organics: 5000 kgs

Total: 14520 kgs

Truck loads hauled: 3


Memberships for 2016

The 2016 Membership year is upon us and we encourage all residents to participate in the Cambrian Heights Community and the Social and Lifestyle activities by purchasing a family or individual membership.

An annual family membership remains at just $15 with individual or senior memberships at $5.

Please renew your membership and participate in activities and volunteerism to make where you live one of the best communities in Calgary.

This year we have expanded the social calendar to include:

  •             Polar Skating Party, January 16th
  •             Wine tasting Event, March 11th
  •             AGM & Reception, April 28th
  •             Community Garage Sale & Cleanup, June 11 & 12th
  •             Stampede Breakfast, July 16th
  •             60 Year Anniversary BBQ, September 17th
  •             Halloween Dance, October 29th
  •             Fall Open House, November 17th


Polar Party 2016 a Roaring Success

Warm Thanks to all that Came and all that Volunteered

Wow was it cold for the Polar Party on January 16th.  We’d like to give a really big thanks for those who dressed for the cold and came out to celebrate winter.  We know it could have been easy to shrug the event off and stay indoors – leaving us with a large amount of hot chocolate to drink ourselves. So “yea” to our Community and Canadian spirit.

This year we had some great support from Jessica and Chris who kept us moving with skating and snow games.  Of course none of this would have been possible without great ice – Scott, Ryan and the rest of the ice team created 2 fantastic sheets.  It has been great to see so many people out skating throughout the season – a testament to “if you build it, they will come”.  Lastly, thanks to the Community Association and volunteers who stayed for the duration of the event tending fires, topping up cocoa and keeping the music playing. Thanks also to Jim Tubman who added to the photo gallery!

CHCA Open House Slideshow

Please see the Cambrian Heights Community Association 2015 Open House presentation for an overview of the agenda highlights, important facts about Cambrian Heights, financial strength, programs and events, parks and safety, community development issues, planning for the future and getting involved.

Download (PPS, 470KB)

Successful Community Cleanup

Congratulations on a successful community cleanup on May 16. Check out the weights we managed to collect below. Many thanks to everyone for your commitment to this event.
Cambrian Heights

Stampede Party 2015

We had a great turnout for our Stampede Pancake Breakfast on Saturday July 11. We were pleased MLA Craig Coolahan was able to attend.
CHCA Director Gary Wilson made an appearance in the Stampede Parade.

AGM Presentation

Please see the Cambrian Heights Community Association 2015 Annual General Meeting presentation for an overview of the agenda highlights, year in review, special resolutions, CHCA moving forward in 2015, the secondary suite issue, and community involvement.

Cambrian Heights Community Association
Annual General Meeting
7:30 pm, Tuesday, April 28, 2015
At the CHCA Community Hall

Download (PPS, 8.85MB)

Secondary Suite Resolution

We have attached a resolution below recommended by our Planning Committee and adopted by the Board of Cambrian Heights concerning the proposed Secondary Suite City Bylaw change below. This issue was discussed at length and utilized for reference the handouts from the recently held Secondary Suite Information Sessions as well as the “Secondary Suites Frequently Asked Questions” obtained the office of Councillor Druh Farrell. In addition we reviewed what was available on the City website and in recent press reports. This resolution was passed April 13th in advance of our AGM April 28th.

When reviewing the City proposal we were struck by two main issues. The first of course was the impact in R-1 zoning areas (Cambrian Heights has considerable R-1 zoned areas) where residents generally have invested the majority of their wealth and paid a premium to reside in an R-1 development. The second issue was one of potential impact on infrastructure, services, general appearance and activity associated with higher density living.

Upon review of the material, as previously indicated, we found the City’s answers and position on these issues less sophisticated, detailed and lacking in actual comprehensive review that would normally be expected for major change in effective zoning for a large portion of the Calgary homeowner and taxpaying population. In addition, as a Community Association there was no accurate way to determine all the residents position on this proposed change other than “street-side” discussion and repeated feedback requests in our monthly newsletter and webpage over the last few months. This did not yield significant response to the issue. Thus the genesis of our second major recommendation, that all affected homeowners be given the opportunity to vote their position in compliance of the provisions in the Municipal Government Act.

Our position as a Board is to represent the impacted residents in such a way as to protect their individual rights and freedom of choice to have a final vote on an issue so central to their home and families. This resolution has been circulated to other community associations and to Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell.

Daryl Connolly, President
Cambrian Heights Community Association

CHCA – Secondary Suite Resolution- Download here 

2015 AGM Agenda

Cambrian Heights Community Association
Annual General Meeting
7:30 pm, Tuesday, April 28, 2015
At the CHCA Community Hall

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes of the 2014 AGM

4. Presidents Report

5. Treasurer’s Report

– Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2014
– Review of Unaudited Statements for Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2015
– Appointment of Auditor for Upcoming Fiscal Year

6. Approval of Special Resolution amending existing Bylaws establishing a Corporate Membership

7. Approval of Resolution establishing the fee for a Corporate Membership at $100 per year and leaving
all other categories unchanged.

8. Approval of Resolution changing the Associate Member annual fee to $15.00

9. Election of Directors and President for 2015-16

10. Presidents Outlook 2015-16

11. Other Business

12. Adjournment

Invited Guests

Kyle Fawcett, MLA Calgary-Klein & Minister of Environment & Sustainable Resource Development
Druh Farrell, Councillor Ward 7


It is the intention of the current Board of Directors to stand for re-election and Daryl Connolly will stand for election as President.

Current Board of Directors: Daryl Beatty, Daryl Connolly, Gary Davies, Jodi Dixon, JoAnne DorvalDronyk,
Sonya Hnatiw, Jennifer Manns, Susan McGregor, Barb Milne, Daniel Vallee and Gary Wilson.

Wine & Cheese Reception to Follow



Special Resolution Establishing Category of Corporate Membership in
Cambrian Heights Community Association Bylaws



BE IT RESOLVED AS A SPECIAL RESOLUTION of the Community Association:

That the amendment to the Community Association Bylaws as filed with the Registrar of
Corporations of Alberta be amended by adding the following Clauses and renumbering the
impacted sequence of existing Clauses and references as required:



2.1.12 “Corporate Member” means any business operating adjacent to or within the
Association boundaries as defined by the City of Calgary. Corporate members have the rights
and limitations described in clause 3.5.
2.1.22 “Member” means a Regular Member, a Life Member or an Associate Member,
as applicable, whose annual Membership dues, if any, are paid and whose Membership is not
under suspension.

ARTICLE 3                MEMBERSHIP

3.1.1 (d) Corporate Members.

3.5 Corporate Member

3.5.1 A Corporate Member may not vote in an election and any other determination at a
General Meeting, and may not seek or hold office in the Association, but otherwise has the
same rights as a Regular Member.