Dog Park Petition

At their own initiative Aylish, Jonah and Niall obtained over 100 residents signatures on their petition against the removal of the Dog Park for an expansion of the Queen’s Park Cemetery.


  1. Christine Nesbitt says

    Hi There, I grew up in Cambrian Heights and loved that park.

    I just talked to a gal that lived across the street on 32nd Avenue for years and moved away in 2007. She said the city tried to take the land to expand the cemetery back then. A group of Cambrian Height’s residence found a clause in some Land Agreement that said it couldn’t be made into a Cemetery. The Group won the case against making the Dog Park a cemetery.

    The Cambrian Heights man that who was involved and found the clause name is Karl Hunnersaud or Hunnersault (German name). Not sure if he still lives across the street.

    They found this clause and won – this was back sometime between 2003 – 2006. They also argued that the Chinese bring things to the grave sites and this stuff blows away.

    I hope this helps.

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