Cambrian Heights Traffic Easement and Safety Proposal

Below is a petition prepared by a community resident involving traffic and safety concerns in the 30/32nd avenue district leading down the hill towards Confederation Park recreational area. This petition obtained over 90% support from the residents canvassed. The Cambrian heights Community Board has voted to support this petition encouraging the City of Calgary to undertake a traffic study in relation to the issues identified. We are posting this on the website for a two week period seeking any comments from impacted residents who have not seen this petition. Please direct any response to

Prepared by Murray Peglar (Resident)


  • Speed of traffic on 32 Ave NW east of 10 St, and on 7 St NW north of Confederation Park crosswalk
  • Traffic “cutting through” neighbourhood on 31 Ave NW
  • Congestion on 31 Ave NW particularly at dog park and junction with 7 St NW
  • Obscured visibility for westbound traffic on 32 Ave at 10 St stop sign due to tree on south side, and fencing on north (dog park)
  • Insufficient lighting for Confederation Park crosswalk on 30 Ave


  • 30/32 Avenue through Confederation Park is an important east-west connector for vehicle traffic, but also a high-use area for pedestrians using the playground, tennis court, dog park, bicycle paths, baseball diamonds and for City of Calgary functions (such as recent YYC Tree Event)
  • Investment in the 32 Ave NW dog park has increased usage and parking, and the tennis courts in Confederation Park have no designated parking or pathway
  • Yield signs are used throughout the neighbourhood between 32 and 30 Aves. between Cambridge Rd and 7 St NW, including at the bottom of hills at 7 St NW

Proposed: (numbers noted on map overleaf)

  1. given that there is no need for non-residential traffic to enter the community between 32 and 30 Aves. and between Cambridge Rd and 7 St NW, that these roads undergo traffic calming measures, such as those used in Crescent Heights between 12 and 16th and Centre and 4th Sts. NW, thus gating entrance for one-way use, with stop signs replacing yield signs
  2. given that speed bumps are used along 30 Ave NW from 4th Street, and on 10 St NW along Confederation park, that they also be installed along the connection between these two: along 7 St NW and 32 Ave NW
  3. that, along with a speed bump to the north, as mentioned in proposal 2, that the crosswalk across 30 Ave. in Confederation Park be lit and with flashing pedestrian signals
  4. that a safe entrance to the dog park on 32 Ave NW be designed, with lit crosswalk into residential area where parking may be done safely
  5. that the tree southeast of the intersection of 32 Ave and 10 St. NW be removed to improve sightline


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