Dog Park Closure Update September 17, 2018

On September 14, the City Planning Department informed community residents that Calgary Parks had withdrawn their Re-Designation Application DL2018-0062 converting the Community’s existing Reserve (S-SPR) Park land bounded by 10th Street and 32nd Avenue into S-CRI (Special Purpose – City and Regional Infrastructure) classification thereby allowing an expansion of the Queen’s Park Cemetery (“QPC”) onto these lands.

These lands are currently being used as a Dog Park and have been part of the Community since its inception in 1956. We wish to thank all those residents who filled objections and/or attended the two Open Houses sponsored by the City to express their opposition. We also wish to thank Councillor Chu for his help and Calgary Parks for responding to this overwhelming opposition by withdrawing their Application.

To those residents who volunteered to research the history of the lands, who dedicated considerable time in formulating written informational bulletins, who walked our streets passing out community informational letters and who took every opportunity to talk with their neighbours, a special thanks from the Board of Directors.

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