Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Update

The Varsity Multi Service Redevelopment project will affect access to the household hazardous waste drop-off at Varsity Fire Station #17.

Effective April 13, 2022, the household hazardous waste drop-off at Varsity Fire Station will temporarily move to Bowness Fire Station #15, located at 6328 35 Avenue NW. Please take your household hazardous waste to this location instead.

The drop-off shed is open from 8 am to 6 pm seven days a week and is serviced daily to keep waste levels to a minimum. Outside of operating hours, the shed is locked.

Why was Bowness Fire Station chosen?

Bowness Fire Station was chosen because of the space available at the site for a household hazardous waste shed and is located close enough to Varsity that it is still convenient for residents in surrounding communities to access the drop-off.

An alternative household hazardous waste drop-off in the northwest is Spyhill Landfill at 11808 69 Street NW.

How long will the drop-off be at Bowness Fire Station?

Depending on construction timelines, the household hazardous waste drop-off will remain at Bowness Fire Station for the next two years. We will inform the community of any changes that arise.

What if there are parking/traffic concerns?

The household hazardous waste shed is used for drop-off only. Citizens should not park there for extended periods of time—only for a few minutes to drop off their household hazardous waste.

There should be a minimal increase in traffic, due to the drop-off nature of the HHW shed and customer flow is typically scattered throughout the day.

What should residents do with household hazardous waste?

Household hazardous waste such as paint, propane tanks, automotive and cleaning chemicals don’t belong in your blue, green or black carts. Take these items to household hazardous waste drop-off at City landfills or designated fire stations for safe disposal.

Make sure to properly package and label your household hazardous waste before taking to a drop-off location. This is for your safety and the safety of employees who collect and handle your leftover chemicals. It also protects against spills and prevents the mixing of chemicals.

Check the full list of acceptable items at calgary.ca/hhw

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