Home Based Trade Show October 16, 2019

For the second year, the Parents of Cambrian School were supported by the Cambrian Heights Community in their Home Based Trade Show fundraiser. This year the vendor space was sold out offering a variety of crafts and market merchandise. The event was a success as monies were raised to support activities for the children in the school. Krista Steinke and her team of volunteers worked diligently to help the vendors best display their merchandise. While pre-event advertising used their parental association social media and Cambrian Heights helped with their signage and social media output, foot traffic was lighter than the prior year. Efforts for additional street signage next year should help improve the attendance as will testaments from this year’s happy shoppers. The pictures below show some of the vendors and the setup in the community hall. Be sure to attend next year and mark on your calendars on November 7th.

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