Jane’s Walk Concours Wet Cool Weather!

Despite wet and cool conditions, the Cambrian Heights Community Jane’s Walk took place Saturday, May 4. After an introduction to the Green Spaces theme, 15 interested residents and non-residents ventured outdoors to visit six existing park areas within a short distance of the Community Hall.

The walk focused on the concepts of identification of the green spaces through naming, how to increase usage through different events or improved access, what changes/additions might be made to tree and shrub design and what facility additions (benches, gardens, picnic facilities, exercise stations, fire pits, community poster boards) might encourage all ages access and usage. Of particular focus was the Off-Leash Dog Park and what additions might make it more useful for all ages of pet owners.

After almost a 2 hour walk and outdoor discussion, the participants retreated to the warmth of the Hall for coffee and treats, and engaged in a session of documenting their thoughts and recording of specific ideas relating to each park space.

This Jane’s Walk was the kick-off to our Community objective of reviewing all our parks and green spaces and deciding, through consultation of community residents of all ages, what might be undertaken to encourage more usage through the day to day access and event inspired attractions. If you want to get involved with this process or have thoughts about these concepts feel free to contact the Community Association through cambrianheights@gmail.com

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