John Laurie Blvd. N.W. Restoration

Construction is anticipated to start during the week of June 7. However, light on-site mobilization of the contractor’s equipment and lane closures are anticipated after June 2.

Construction will start at the John Laurie Blvd. N.W. and Brisebois Dr. intersection. This work is anticipated to be completed by early July. Access to the Nose Hill Park parking lot will be maintained during the majority of this time; however, access may be impeded due to construction. Full closure of the Many Owls Valley parking lot is planned for a few days and advance notification for this closure will be shared via project updates.

Early construction will include underground work at the John Laurie Blvd. N.W. and 19 St. intersection as well as the Charleswood Dr. intersection. Restoration work and paving will take place along John Laurie Blvd. N.W. during the majority of the construction period.

Throughout construction, there will be various temporary lane closures, lane shifts, and speed reductions; although, the project team will work hard to minimize the impacts to the commuters and travellers in the area as much as possible. Detours will be in place and we are asking the public to please follow all posted signage in the construction area including speed reductions and to expect some delays.

A project video is available on the web page at to help the public better understand the scope, schedule and impacts of the project including alternate options for parking during the Many Owls Valley parking lot closure. Bold signs were posted through the project area earlier this year and installation of variable message boards is underway. Other promotional tactics include a social media marketing campaign.

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