Keep your home safe this holiday season

Here is some valuable information for our community members to keep their homes safe during the holiday season. Thank you to the Calgary Police Service for putting together this comprehensive list!

  • Never leave your garage door opener in your vehicle.
  • Lock your vehicle and remove all valuables.
  • Make sure your driveway/ front step is shoveled/ Newspapers picked up ( When you leave town and don’t have someone leave prints or shovel- bad guys know you’re not home)
  • Make sure you are locking the front door, back door, locking sheds, ensuring your garage door is down and man door is locked)
  • Look out for your neighbours property  ( look for suspicious vehicles in your area)
  • Always report any crime ( 911, non-emergency 403-266-1234, or report online Coplogic)
  • If you see someone car prowling or lurking in a neighbours back yard – call 911
  • Leave a light on inside your house with a timer.
  • Keep your residence lit up (Motion lights/ House lights/Cameras
There have been an increase in break and enters to detached garages lately.
  • Record your serial number on bikes
  • Lock your bike up- even ifs it’s inside your garage or shed.
  • Don’t leave spare sets of keys to vehicles in your garage.
This biggest and last tip of them all. Don’t fall for these constant Phone Scams.
  • Don’t provide any of your contact information over the phone.
  • Never provide your banking information/ card numbers to people calling you.
  • If they ask you to buy bitcoin/ gift cards/ iTunes cards/ google play cards/ pre-paid visas/ western union/ money orders in a form of payment this is 100% a SCAM.


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