Managing a Hearing Loss

Learning to manage your hearing loss can be a challenging journey.  Sometimes family and friends don’t really understand what you’re going through.  The truth is that hearing loss can be a challenging condition.  Did you know that hearing loss affects 20% of all adults?

Have you ever wished there was someone you could talk to about your hearing loss? A sympathetic ear who understands what you’re going through? Hearing loss is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it needs to happen alone.  There is support to help you navigate through this challenge.  Deaf and Hear Alberta, a not for profit, offers free classes and supports for adults dealing with hearing loss.  Current classes and supports we offer include:

•      Sound Advice: Managing Your Hearing Loss and Beyond Hearing Aids are free classes; go to to sign up

•      Peer-to-Hear: matches an adult wanting support managing their hearing loss with someone who has successfully managed their hearing loss

•      Equipment Services: Assistive technology that makes everyday life easier for hard of hearing persons

Please contact us at or or 866-471-2805.


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