North Central Family Resource Network Fall Programs

From the North Central Family Resource Network newsletter: 

This is a small snapshot of the happenings at the North Central FRN this fall. Please call our intake line at (403) 543-0555 to see what programs are accepting participants and to register.

Girl Talk, Online!

Join us every Wednesday online as we talk about self esteem, problem solving, coping strategies, healthy relationships and more through games, arts & crafts, yoga, meditation, nutrition and guest speakers! Program is for girls 12-17 years old.

Wednesdays, October 7-November 25 Online

Kids Konnect

Open to kids in grades 4-6; come and learn new skills, play games and meet new friends. Sessions may include, photography, nutrition, keeping active, arts and crafts and literacy!

Thursdays, October 22 – December 10 Online

My Kid’s New Thing

Kids seem to change every week, and sometimes you need to talk to other parents about it! Parents and Caregivers can join us for weekly conversations, connect with other parents, talk about kids successes and challenges, and learn from others.

Mondays, ongoing starting October 5 Online

Mask On

We are working with a wonderful group of community volunteers to create and sew masks for children, youth and adults during COVID-19. Volunteers will also have an opportunity to connect with one another virtually as they learn and sew together.

Stronger Families Parenting Program

This program will meet in person at the FRN as a small, physically distant group. Parents & Caregivers will learn practical skills to increase children’s positive behavior, decrease negative behavior and model appropriate behaviors. They will also learn how to enhance parent – child communication and build robust family relationships.

Tuesdays, October 6 – 27
In person

Cookin’ With The Youngin’s

Parents and Caregivers of kids ages 5-12 can come and learn how to get their kids involved by grocery shopping and cooking together, making healthy food look visually appealing so they will eat it, and learning about portion size for your child’s age and homemade versus processed food.

Tuesdays, October 9-November 13 Online

Fun Money, Smart Money

Four-session Money Management course for youth ages 14-18. Our Financial Literacy Facilitator will teach the youth tips, tricks, and budgeting skills to prepare for their financial future as adults!

Tuesdays, October 13-November 3 Online

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