Northmount Drive N.W. Improvement Project (Phase 1)

Construction update and temporary bus stop relocation

Construction continues on the Northmount Drive N.W. (Phase 1) improvements:

  • Concrete work is expected to be complete by the end of August
  • Pavement milling (removing asphalt surface to prepare for re-paving) between Carol Drive N.W. and Cambrian Drive N.W. will begin once concrete work is complete
  • Re-paving on 14 Street N.W. is complete
  • The 10 curb extensions between Northland Drive N.W. and Clarendon Road N.W. are expected to be installed before school begins this fall. First, crews will mark the pavement and then place the concrete slabs with a truck-mounted crane. This work is expected to take place during off-peak hours
  • All businesses remain open during construction

Temporary bus stop relocation
Bus stop 5742 has been temporarily relocated to the east side of 14 Street N.W. during construction on the bus zone rehabilitation.

More information
For more information, please contact 311 or visit the project webpage.
Thank you for your patience during construction!


  1. Jody Werbicki says

    The intersection of Carol Drive and Northmount is going to cause kaos when St Margaret School goes back in. Only one lane to get off of Carol Drive? Only one lane to turn into Carol Drive or continue on Northmount? I worry school school kids, pedestrians and bicycle riders will be even more at risk with the frustration and anger of drivers. My children walk to St Margaret’s from our house. I’m not impressed with this “improvement”!!

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