Queen’s Park Off Leash Area Closure

The Queen’s Park Cemetery has been serving Calgarians for nearly 80 years, and it is nearing capacity. Queen’s Park is currently the only active City-operated cemetery and the only northwest burial option for Calgarians.

To continue to meet the needs of the community, The City of Calgary will be expanding the cemetery into the south-west corner of the site (bordered by 10 St. NW and 32 Ave. NW), currently used as an off-leash area. As part of this work, it will extend the fencing that surrounds the cemetery site and is preparing a planting plan that will screen the site from view.

Work is scheduled to begin in June/July 2018. There will be a short period of construction traffic, and increased noise as the fencing and trees are installed and some groundwork is completed. As a cemetery, the site will be permanently protected from further development.

Information session

The City is hosting an information session about the cemetery expansion on May 9, from 6-8 p.m. at the Highwood Community Hall (16 Harlow Avenue NW). All are welcome to drop in and learn more.

Relocation of the off-leash area

The City would like to try to provide a new or improved alternative off-leash area nearby. It is working on identifying other suitable spaces in the area and will be holding community engagement in June to seek input on which alternative could work best. More details will follow as they are confirmed.

For more information, visit Calgary.ca/offleashprojects or contact 311.


  1. David Thomas says

    This is the second time the City of Calgary has tried to annex this same Cambrian Heights green space from the community to expand the Queens Park Cemetery. There are documents with the CoC that confirm that this land is part of the community and not the cemetary. These same documents were used in the early 1990’s to stop the initial annex attempt. I was on a Cambrian Committee that dealt with the City at that time. Do we want to go down that road again to stop the annexation of this community land for the cemetery? I think we should. Please contact me.

    • Dewi Wood says

      David Thomas,

      I am reassured to hear that someone who was involved with the City’s past attempt to Redesignate / Annex the land on the corner of 10th Street and 32nd Avenue is responding to this. The fact that you remember the specifics, with documentation, regarding this land as being part of the community and not the cemetery, is an important part of our ability to respond as a community.

      I remember there being robust resistance to this same type of proposal around 12 years ago, which took place in a meeting that was called with city representatives and community members at the Cambrian Heights Community Centre.

      In my opinion, if this very well used park was redesignated to cemetery land, it would be a serious loss to the community. In it’s present state it naturally promotes community engagement, active lifestyle, and neighbourhood interaction, making this a safer, healthier, and more desirable neighbourhood to live in.

      I have voiced my opposition to this land redesignation effort by contacting both Councillor Chu and and I suggest that others of like mind do the same before April 14.

      Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do.

  2. Peter Cuk says

    When does it stop? After that small area is full do they start on the greenbelt west of 10th Street? The powers that be
    failed to secure more land for cemeteries and snatching up small parcels for a quick fix is not a solution. I strongly disagree with this proposal from the City and should be fought against.

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