Residential Traffic Safety Unit

Over the last three years, the Calgary Police Service has developed a new unit to specifically address
Residential Traffic Safety. This unit has been presenting to each Ward in the City to both provide
and to solicit information on “problem areas” throughout the City to allow more specific and
targeted visibility and enforcement. This unit is specifically interested in Residential TRAFFIC issues.

The strategy has been:

  • Utilize citizen feedback to inform operational response
  • Focus on playground zones, pedestrian-rich locations and other high-risk locations identified
    through collision data analysis
  • Emphasize public awareness and education, and facilitate citizen engagement through Ward Traffic Safety Meetings and to work with City partners to further support traffic calming measures
    outside enforcement

One of the key tools to help Calgary Police Service monitor and track these issues is the Traffic Service
Request (TSR).


The Residential Traffic Safety Unit, as the next component to their mandate, would like to communicate with community associations to offer the opportunity to present directly to Board Members and discuss problems and solutions in your community. If you are interested in learning more, see below.

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