Responsible Dog Ownership in Parks and Pathways

Parks is updating and removing sign clutter, but The City’s bylaws aren’t changing.

City parks are for everyone to enjoy; it’s up to pet owners to get familiar with their responsibilities of dog ownership.

The City may be visiting your neighbourhood this summer and streamlining signage within parks. Some of the signs being removed are those that remind dog owners of the rules around playgrounds, pathways and sport fields.

Please remember that the Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw is still in effect, and pets must remain on-leash and at least five metres from all playgrounds, pathways and sports fields. Pet owners must pick up after their pooch, too!

Parks strives to provide and maintain high-quality parks and pathways, which includes streamlining signage to enhance the park environment. Should you identify a trouble spot in your community, please notify 311.

Keep our parks and green spaces safe and healthy for all people, pets and wildlife by knowing your responsibilities as a pet owner and reviewing the Responsible Pet Owner Bylaw.

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