Waste & Recycling Services update

Weekly green cart collection returns in April

The season is changing and so is your green cart collection. Your green cart will return to weekly pickup starting in April.

Sign up for free reminders or download the Garbage Day app for your smartphone so you never miss a collection day.

Find your schedule online at calgary.ca/collection.

Compost your food scraps

Follow these tips to make composting food scraps an easy part of your kitchen routine:

  • Remember that all kinds food scraps can be composted! This includes meal prep peelings, leftovers from fridge cleanings and plate scrapings.
  • Your kitchen pail is dishwasher safe! Clean it out every few weeks to help it neat and tidy.
  • Empty the pail every 2-3 days into your green cart to help reduce odours.
  • Moldy and expired food can go in the green cart – just make sure to separate from the container first before composting.

Find more tips at calgary.ca/greencart

Why food scraps are too good to waste

Did you know that food scraps and yard waste do NOT turn into soil in the landfill? Instead, it sits for a very long time and slowly breaks down, creating leachate (a toxic liquid that needs to be treated) and greenhouse gases like methane.
Pictured here are items from the 1970s, uncovered at a Calgary landfill almost 40 years later. These chicken bones, grass clippings and newspapers look very much the same as they did when they were put in the garbage, taking up valuable landfill space and creating harmful emissions.
Composting your food scraps and yard waste means we can:
  • Create nutrient-rich compost to help new plants grow
  • Conserves our precious landfill space for future generations
  • Prevent harmful environmental emissions
Keep composting Calgary!

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