2015 AGM Agenda

Cambrian Heights Community Association
Annual General Meeting
7:30 pm, Tuesday, April 28, 2015
At the CHCA Community Hall

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes of the 2014 AGM

4. Presidents Report

5. Treasurer’s Report

– Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2014
– Review of Unaudited Statements for Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2015
– Appointment of Auditor for Upcoming Fiscal Year

6. Approval of Special Resolution amending existing Bylaws establishing a Corporate Membership

7. Approval of Resolution establishing the fee for a Corporate Membership at $100 per year and leaving
all other categories unchanged.

8. Approval of Resolution changing the Associate Member annual fee to $15.00

9. Election of Directors and President for 2015-16

10. Presidents Outlook 2015-16

11. Other Business

12. Adjournment

Invited Guests

Kyle Fawcett, MLA Calgary-Klein & Minister of Environment & Sustainable Resource Development
Druh Farrell, Councillor Ward 7


It is the intention of the current Board of Directors to stand for re-election and Daryl Connolly will stand for election as President.

Current Board of Directors: Daryl Beatty, Daryl Connolly, Gary Davies, Jodi Dixon, JoAnne DorvalDronyk,
Sonya Hnatiw, Jennifer Manns, Susan McGregor, Barb Milne, Daniel Vallee and Gary Wilson.

Wine & Cheese Reception to Follow



Special Resolution Establishing Category of Corporate Membership in
Cambrian Heights Community Association Bylaws



BE IT RESOLVED AS A SPECIAL RESOLUTION of the Community Association:

That the amendment to the Community Association Bylaws as filed with the Registrar of
Corporations of Alberta be amended by adding the following Clauses and renumbering the
impacted sequence of existing Clauses and references as required:



2.1.12 “Corporate Member” means any business operating adjacent to or within the
Association boundaries as defined by the City of Calgary. Corporate members have the rights
and limitations described in clause 3.5.
2.1.22 “Member” means a Regular Member, a Life Member or an Associate Member,
as applicable, whose annual Membership dues, if any, are paid and whose Membership is not
under suspension.

ARTICLE 3                MEMBERSHIP

3.1.1 (d) Corporate Members.

3.5 Corporate Member

3.5.1 A Corporate Member may not vote in an election and any other determination at a
General Meeting, and may not seek or hold office in the Association, but otherwise has the
same rights as a Regular Member.

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