Celebrate fall with these community-wide activities

We all need some fun and excitement – join in celebrating fall with various community-wide activities:

  • Watch for details on how to enter the Best Decorated Home and Costume contest. Yummy prizes for various categories.


  • Coming soon… a scavenger list of fun sights to find on your next walk.


  • Paint a rock for your yard with a fun image or encouraging note.


  • If the weather’s right on Oct 31, bring your portable firepit to the front yard and enjoy the full moon and trick or treaters.


  • We’re curious to learn of the creative ways people will safely hand out candy – join our private Facebook group page to read what people are planning.


  • Listen for the fun sounds of Halloween music as you trick or treat this year. Our roving DJ will be driving through the streets of Cambrian from 6:30 to 8pm with creepy, fun and uplifting music.


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