Secondary Suite Resolution

We have attached a resolution below recommended by our Planning Committee and adopted by the Board of Cambrian Heights concerning the proposed Secondary Suite City Bylaw change below. This issue was discussed at length and utilized for reference the handouts from the recently held Secondary Suite Information Sessions as well as the “Secondary Suites Frequently Asked Questions” obtained the office of Councillor Druh Farrell. In addition we reviewed what was available on the City website and in recent press reports. This resolution was passed April 13th in advance of our AGM April 28th.

When reviewing the City proposal we were struck by two main issues. The first of course was the impact in R-1 zoning areas (Cambrian Heights has considerable R-1 zoned areas) where residents generally have invested the majority of their wealth and paid a premium to reside in an R-1 development. The second issue was one of potential impact on infrastructure, services, general appearance and activity associated with higher density living.

Upon review of the material, as previously indicated, we found the City’s answers and position on these issues less sophisticated, detailed and lacking in actual comprehensive review that would normally be expected for major change in effective zoning for a large portion of the Calgary homeowner and taxpaying population. In addition, as a Community Association there was no accurate way to determine all the residents position on this proposed change other than “street-side” discussion and repeated feedback requests in our monthly newsletter and webpage over the last few months. This did not yield significant response to the issue. Thus the genesis of our second major recommendation, that all affected homeowners be given the opportunity to vote their position in compliance of the provisions in the Municipal Government Act.

Our position as a Board is to represent the impacted residents in such a way as to protect their individual rights and freedom of choice to have a final vote on an issue so central to their home and families. This resolution has been circulated to other community associations and to Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell.

Daryl Connolly, President
Cambrian Heights Community Association

CHCA – Secondary Suite Resolution- Download here 

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