Volunteer Appreciation – Pub Night

Over the years, the CHCA has hosted many events to create a strong and vibrant community but none of them would have happened without our volunteers.  On behalf of the whole community, we want to say Thank You.  Let us treat you to a fun night loaded with camaraderie, cheer, appetizers and some fun activities – pub style.

We are looking for a one more dart board and if anyone has a shuffleboard table in their basement… we’d love to borrow it for some friendly competition.

If you’ve ever lent a hand at one of our events, Casinos or helped with the Dog Park issue, please join us on Feb 9, 2019 at 7:00pm in the Hall.  You’re more than welcome to bring a guest.

If you have any questions or can lend some items, please contact us at social@cambrianheightscommunity.com or (403) 284-1175.

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