City-wide engagement on Connect: Calgary’s Parks Plan

Dear Ward 4 Residents,
The Parks and Open Spaces department of the City of Calgary is seeking feedback from citizens on a new 20-year plan for the city’s parks. The new plan, called Connect: Calgary’s Parks Plan, will guide the development, redevelopment, and management of parks in Calgary.
Anita O’Driscoll, Business and Policy Planner, explained that it has been 20 years since the last long-term plan was completed, and the needs of Calgarians and the city have changed, making it the right time to undertake this work. The goal is to deliver exceptional, sustainable, and inclusive parks for all Calgarians, both now and in the future.
The public engagement process will consist of three rounds of city-wide feedback focused on the themes of environment, culture, and wellness, and how these themes connect with the City’s parks and green spaces. Calgarians are encouraged to provide feedback online or through in-person events hosted in various locations throughout the city until May 19, 2023. Accessibility and inclusion are also important considerations, with efforts made to gather input from equity-deserving groups and individuals.
O’Driscoll emphasizes that city-wide engagement with all Calgarians is crucial for the success of the plan, as these public spaces are for everyone and play a vital role in a healthy, vibrant, and resilient city. Parks bring significant environmental, social, and economic benefits to Calgary, and feedback from as many people as possible is sought to create a plan that works for the city, the environment, the communities, and the future.
For more information, to provide feedback online, or to find an in-person event, visit
Thank you in advance for your engagement and valuable feedback.
Ward 4 liaison to Cllr. Sean Chu

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