Community Planning Update March 2020

On March 4 the City of Calgary Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Development (PUD) forwarded a revised Guidebook for Great Communities to City Council on April 27th for their consideration and adoption. This City Planning Document, if adopted, will result in allowing duplexes, fourplexes, and taller commercial development throughout Cambrian Heights. Exclusive single family home areas or streets may cease to exist within inner city neighbourhoods. We encourage you to read the document and convey your opinions to our City Councillor Sean Chu.

Review the guidebook here.

At a recent Board meeting the CHCA Board adopted the following bulletin in regards to property development within our community. This is being released in response to inquiries regarding the Board’s position in regards to re-zoning RC-1 properties to allow for multi-family developments on what were previously single family home properties. We reference you to a previously posted document “Creating Our Future Together” in the Planning & Development section of the website for further context.

Review the document here.

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