Presidents Message February 2015

A New Year brings with it new issues/directions and of course resolutions. Your Board will continue to work towards both improving communication of all issues whether they be old, new or modified. I will try to highlight these issues in the monthly President’s Message but suggest everyone check the website a few times every month for up to date detailed information on issues and events. Our monthly newsletter is also a valuable source worth reviewing every month.

For 2015 our focus will remain on increasing social events and use of the Community Hall. The number of these events is only restricted by availability of volunteers and of course new ideas. If you have any suggestions and/or are able to volunteer for events please contact us at You are also encouraged to partake in the first event of 2015 and meet some directors who will be in attendance. It remains the best way to maximize your community benefits and meet new neighbours. Our first event will be a Winter Skating Party February 14th. Check the website for details. Future events include a Community Cleanup Program and an Open House at the AGM in the second quarter plus the annual Stampede Breakfast in July.

As indicated previously the Board has formed a Planning Committee to monitor and respond appropriately to development applications within our community. What we need is feedback from the Community as to what residents want to see in terms of new development. At year end both our mayor and Ward Councillor were advocates for Secondary Suites and the City seems poised for increased inner city resident density in Cambrian Heights. What are your opinions? Get in touch with any Board member so we may better reflect the wishes of Cambrian Heights residents.

On two matters that relate to safety and social concerns in our community I have asked for your help. Last month we requested dog owners respect the on leash rules set out by the City for all green spaces and in particular the restrictions for dogs in our playgrounds and sports fields. In addition we reported considerable damage to our public parks and green areas during a mid November snowfall by one or more persons driving their vehicles through these off road areas knocking over small trees and shrubs and at the same time endangering any pedestrians in the area. This reckless activity has continued. As a result the Board has enlisted the Calgary Police Department and bordering residents with camera’s in an effort to curb this activity. We are also investigating potential physical deterrents with the City. We ask anyone witnessing such activity to report it immediately to the police and request that people wishing to experience off road activities with their vehicles restrict such driving to appropriate venues.

On the facilities front we have recently installed lights to better enable viewing at night of our event sign in front of the Community Hall on Northmount Drive. In addition during 2015 we are planning upgrades to washrooms in the Hall and to the kitchen facilities. If completed as planned this will restore the kitchen to full cooking facility status allowing better utilization in the future. We are committed to maintaining the Hall as a focal point for the Community activities and will continue in this pursuit.

On behalf of the Board;
Daryl Connolly, President

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