President’s Message January 2015

With the beginning of a new year comes annual resolutions to improve our health, communicate better with others, make better business decisions and generally improve the quality of our lives. Your Cambrian Heights Community Association (“CHCA”) shares those resolutions as we progress into 2015.

From a health perspective we encourage participation in the jazzercise and yoga programs currently being offered at the Community Centre and detailed on our website ( From a communication perspective we have recently updated our website and will be planning a significant revision in 2015 to reflect increased awareness for residents of our community in development activity, social and educational programs and City transportation issues that impact Cambrian Heights. Please contact the association ( with any suggestions you may have to improve the quality of our website.

As indicated in my December report the Board is working on both developing a system through the Planning Committee to monitor and respond appropriately to development applications within our community. We are also developing a short and long term Business Plan in 2015 to guide the Boards allocation of financial resources and program activities. We constantly look for new ideas to increase the community participation in our facilities and welcome involvement of all community members either through email or attendance at our monthly Board meetings.

While 2015 will once again see the Community Association host its annual Stampede Breakfast, we are also planning a Winter Skating Party over the Family Day weekend and an Open House at the Community Centre sometime in March-April. Please access the website or Newsletter for dates and details.

On two matters that relate to safety and social concerns in our community I have to ask for your help. The first request is to dog owners to respect the on leash rules set out by the City for all green spaces and in particular the restrictions for dogs in our playgrounds and sports fields. Information is available at the City website ( – search dog parks). The City has removed signage but we remind everyone that specific off leash areas have been established but otherwise dogs are to remain on leash. On a second issue there was considerable damage to our public parks and green areas during our last snowfall by one or more persons driving their vehicles through the off road areas knocking over small trees and shrubs and at the same time endangering any pedestrians in the area. We ask anyone witness such activity to report it immediately to the police and request that people wishing to experience off road activities with their vehicles restrict such driving to appropriate venues.

On behalf of the Board we wish all residents a happy and prosperous 2015 and remind everyone that improving and enjoying our community is directly related to participation and volunteering.

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