President’s Message – January 2022

January brings with it a new beginning and hope for 2022 signaling a year of recovery from COVID-19. We, as Directors of the Community Association, are focused on returning the level of programming experience in pre-Covid years to our community hall. Focus over the past two years has been on the maintenance of a healthy financial position and supporting our long-term Edelweiss Preparatory School as they maintain their programs in the face of decreased enrolment and higher costs due to the pandemic. The Board maintained a primary focus on health and safety by minimizing the use of the hall in the face of ever-changing provincial regulations. We now hope 2022 will witness a return to full use of the hall and outdoor facilities as we progress through this new year.

To make this happen Cambrian Heights will need participation from our residents to plan social events, develop new programming for all ages, and improve our communications with the community. To accomplish this we need someone to volunteer time to realize the potential of our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram programs. If you are able to volunteer some time to help in this process please contact us at to discuss your involvement.

Our two outdoor ice rinks are available for skating thanks to Scott Jacobson and his team of volunteers. Should you wish to help out Scott this year please contact Scott at

We continue to encourage all residents of Cambrian Heights to stay safe in 2022 and hope soon to be announcing programs and activities for our community as in pre-pandemic years. We further encourage all in the community to provide feedback at identifying what type of programs and activities you would like to see for our community. Whether you have the ability to volunteer or not your suggestions are always appreciated.

Daryl Connolly, President CHCA

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