President’s Message – July 2015

On May 16th a joint community cleanup with Rosemont was held by CHCA at the community hall. It was a hugh success and we would like to thank the volunteers from both communities for a job well done. Thanks also should passed on to the City employees without whom the cleanup would not have been possible nor run so efficiently. Hopefully this will be the first of a continuing partnership with our neighbouring communities to bring mutually beneficial programs to the residents in our area of the City.

The annual CHCA Stampede Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, July 11th from 9-11AM. This is always a popular event for the whole family so be sure to mark it on your calendar. Like most events participation and volunteering is key to continuation. We need help to run these events and maintain their level of excellence. If you can help out this year with the breakfast please contact the committee at or phone our Social Director Jodi Dixon at 403-276-4242.

With the new fiscal year we are hoping to add additional events in the Fall to compliment our very successful annual Halloween Party at the end of October. We have recently approved a new fiscal budget which envisions additional programs and events. Check our website for details of all social events, news and contact information. If you wish to volunteer for any of these events or propose new events or programs please do so by contacting any of the Directors listed in the newsletter or website. Get involved to support and make your community a better place to live!

As a first step in promoting new community activities the Board has approved a $100 maximum grant for community block parties. This grant will be provided to a maximum of 10 such block parties over the 2016 fiscal year (April/2015-March/2016). Application for this grant can be made through the community email address. Costs will be reimbursed (excluding alcoholic beverages) with receipts pertaining to organized block parties with broad attendance of all age groups.

We continue to encourage all residents to participate in the community activities and future planning by joining the association and communicating your thoughts either through emails or by attending one of our Board meetings which are always open for residents. The website now provides memberships to be subscribed over the internet for convenience of the residents. There is also a registration for all members or residents who wish to receive email notifications of special events or issues of interest to the community. Also for the first time we have amended our Bylaws to allow for Corporate memberships. We will be approaching the business community for their input on fostering improved relationships and participation between residents and local business in 2015 and beyond.


On behalf of the Board;

Daryl Connolly, President

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