President’s Message – June 2019

June will welcome summer and the end of an active social program for the community over the first 5 months of 2019. I hope you have been able to attend some of these events and appreciate the new friends you have met. We, of course, hope to continue and expand these events next year. Our latest event was Jane’s Walk on May 4th which focused on the green spaces and parks within Cambrian Heights and how we might better utilize, improve and better identify these valuable inner City Parks. Thanks to our three volunteers who made the event possible, Pablo Politzer, Vivian Stieda and Daryl Beatty the event drew 15 participants willing to venture out on a cool and wet Saturday afternoon. We thank all attendees for their spirit and input after the walk. Some pictures from the event are shown here and a full pictorial and details of the discussions are presented on our website ( In addition, should you want to get involved with ideas or join with us to improve our Parks facilities and design please contact the Community at

Another joint event will be held at the Community Hall sponsored by the Community Association and the Parents of Cambrian School. This first-ever Mother’s Day dance was scheduled for May 11th and focused on children with music, games and snacks. We hope you were able to attend.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on June 11 in the evening. At this meeting find out what is happening in the Community and vote to elect a Board of Directors and provide suggestions for programs and activities into 2020. Our fifth annual General Cleanup once again returns to a spring date and will continue to be a joint program with Rosemont Community. June 16 is Father’s Day and what better timing to finish off all those home projects and dispose of yard waste and items stored in the garage untouched for years. Again consult the Community website for details of disposable items and contact Gary Wilson at if you are able to lend a hand that morning.

Upcoming Events

June 11 AGM 7:30 – 9 pm Hall
June 16 Spring Cleanup 9 am – 1:30 pm Hall Parking Lot
September 14 Asado BBQ 3 – 9 pm Hall & Grounds
October 19 Home Based Trade show TBD Hall
October 26 Halloween Dance TBD Hall
November 2 Lego Contest 11 am – 3 pm Hall

Over the summer months, we are planning Hall facility upgrades that will impact the use of the Hall. Once again we will be starting our Fall social programs with another September Asado BBQ. This was a great success last year with Chilean style outdoor barbecued lamb, pig and vegetables plus open mike music, wine, cider and beer. This was a great family affair that lasted well into the evening as the musicians were outstanding. This year we promise to anticipate the overflow attendance this event drew the first time. If you would like to volunteer for this event please contact Jodie Dixon ( and enjoy the full impact of this neighbourhood event.

We continue to offer our weekly Yoga program and four weekly fitness drop-in pro-grams (Piloxing, Kickboxing, and Body Lift ) offered at the Hall in the early evening. These programs are subsidized by the Community and are offered at very attractive pricing. Details of these programs may be found on our community website and we encourage your participation and commitment to staying healthy.

At our last Board of Directors meeting the Calgary Police Service reviewed the objectives of their Residential Traffic Service Unit. There is a poster in the June Newsletter outlining this information and indicating where any resident may report a traffic safety issue in their community at the website. There is more detailed information to be found on our community website. We encourage all residents to use this service when traffic safety issues are identified.

The next meeting of the Board will take place on September 9. All residents are welcome to attend. These meetings normally take place at the Georgina Thomson City building on 14th Street and Northmount Drive at 6:30 PM.

Remember Participation Builds Your Community

Daryl Connolly, President CHCA

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