President’s Message March 2015

Our Community Association continues to focus in 2015 on increasing social events and use of
the Community Hall. On February 14th we held our first Winter Skating Party. Future events
include an Open House at the Annual General Meeting April 28th., a Community Cleanup
Program on a joint basis with Rosemont Community May 16th, and the annual CHCA Stampede
Breakfast July 11th. We are hoping to add additional events in the Fall to compliment our very
successful annual Halloween Party at the end of October. Check our website for details of all social events, news and contact

As indicated previously the Board has formed a Planning Committee to monitor and respond
appropriately to development applications within our community. What we need is feedback
from the Community as to what residents want to see in terms of new development. At year end
both our mayor and Ward councillor were advocates for Secondary Suites and the City seems
poised for increased inner city resident density in Cambrian Heights. What are your questions/
opinions? What type of developments would you like to see or not see? Get in touch with any
Board member and in particular members of the Planning Committee so we may better
understand and therefore reflect the wishes of Cambrian Heights residents.

On a matter of safety and social concern in our community I have previously asked for your
help. We informed everyone of repeated instances of one or more persons driving their vehicles
through our community Parks and play fields knocking over small trees and shrubs and at the
same time endangering any pedestrians in the area. We are exploring alternatives with the City
Parks and Police to discourage this activity. There is no practical way to barrier our parks to
vehicular access. We continue to ask anyone witnessing such activity to report it immediately to
the police (it is a crime and therefore can be reported to 911 or directly to the police nonemergency
line at 403-266-1234 press “0” to speak to someone right away) or if reporting
damage from such activity to “311”.

On the facilities front we have installed lights to better enable viewing at night of our event sign
in front of the Community Hall on Northmount Drive. In addition during 2015 we are planning
further upgrades in the hall and to the kitchen facilities. If completed as planned this will restore
the kitchen to full cooking facility status allowing better utilization in the future. All such activity
and future developments will be undertaken within the financial ability of the community which
currently remains strong. We continue to encourage new residents and old to join and
participate in the Community Association and bring forward new ideas and the volunteer spirit
Calgary is known to possess. We make things better through participation.

On Behalf of the Board;

Daryl Connolly, President

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