President’s Message – March 2018

To date, we have held three social events at the Hall. The Polar Party in January (pictures attached) witnessed colder weather than we would have liked but the addition of the inside Chilli, outside hot chocolate and a fire pit warmed the participants. This year the Cambrian School parents participated in some new fundraising events lead by Jessica DeMars. Assistance was also provided by the City and the nearby Baptist Church. Credit goes to the ice rink volunteers led by Scott Jacobson for providing two excellent sheets of ice.

February events included a Pub/Games Night organized and run by volunteer residents Carol Tubman and Pat Herrel on February 10 and the Rustic Sign Handicraft Workshop run by the Cambrian School parents as a fundraiser on February 24.

Current additional scheduled events are as follows:

Fun & Fearless Fitness           April 3

Wine Tasting                           April (tbd)

Red Cross – Be Ready             April 10

Janes Walk                             May  5

Annual General Meeting         May 15

Stampede Breakfast               July 14

Community Cleanup Event     Sept. 9

Other than the Wine tasting all these events are free to attend. Please check our website ( for updates and details of all events. Volunteering for setup, takedown or general assistance is an excellent way to make sure such events continue and to meet other members of the community. Please contact for more information.

We continue to look for volunteers who may have a specific interest in the Planning Committee or who will be able to become involved in the Provincial Casino fund raising program. Our next Casino we estimate will not be until early 2019 so there is plenty of time to benefit from past experience and procedures.

The Planning Committee has published on our community website a summary for the process of Development Permits dealing with the City approvals. In addition a practical guide entitled “Lessons Learned” written by two residents of our community details the practical process to avoid costly and lengthy delays in obtaining such City approvals through harmonious consultation with neighbours.

The next meeting of the Board will take place in March. All residents are welcome to attend and share any concerns, questions or ideas you may have for our community. Please contact us at our email address for the specific date, time and place.


Remember Participation Builds Better Communities.

Daryl Connolly, President CHCA

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