President’s Message – May 2021

COVID-19 cases, as of the writing of this note, have been rising with the variant strains increasing dramatically causing hospitalizations. As a result, the province on April 7 tightened lockdown measures restricting all indoor social gatherings and that effectively eliminates normal usage of the Community Hall. We continue to monitor these developments and will remain focused on health and safety due to the children’s preparatory school’s usage of these facilities during the weekdays. Updates will be provided on our website. We are accepting summer or fall rental inquiries and reservations, subject to COVID protocols, at or at 403-284-1175.

Our weekly yoga and our fitness programs continue to be offered online. Both Lorene Hughes (fitness, and Kyrsten Blair (yoga, will operate these programs. Please consult the advertisement posters in this issue or our website for further details. We hope to resume these programs at the Community Hall in September.

McKnight Soccer is planning to run their programs for boys and girls ages 3-13 using the Cambrian Heights playing fields from April 27 to June 24. Further information is available on their website.

Our Parks Committee continues to develop ideas to enhance the inclusivity, enjoyment and social gathering aspects of the Cambrian Heights Off-Leash Park. This issue contains a conceptual diagram of the development envisioned. We want to hear from residents in establishing priorities for this multi-year program. Your involvement is vital as the realization of these improvements will depend upon donations and volunteers. Please review the poster in the Newsletter for more details on how you may contribute our ideas and participate to ensure the best possible development of this recreational space.

On another park like issue, the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership is planning this spring to create a “rain garden” beside the Community Hall, demonstrating plants that will flourish in southern Alberta under natural conditions. This program is designed to showcase plant species that will thrive under stormwater management. For more information, please access their website. We are excited about this garden addition and will be providing updates through our website and community social media platforms.

I want to remind everyone that a Block Party subsidy of $100 is available to support such events in the community. This hopefully will provide stimulus for these valuable outdoor social gatherings as we come out of public gathering restrictions. Applications may be made to .

The next meetings of the Board are scheduled for May 3 and June 7. With the pandemic protocols we have been holding these meetings online. If you wish to bring some issue forward to the Board, please contact us at in advance of any meeting. We may then make arrangements for you to attend in person or through video conferencing.

We have scheduled our Annual General Meeting for June 15 in anticipation of such gatherings being permitted by provincial government health regulations. Included in the Newsletter is the notice and agenda for this meeting outlining the presentations and discussion items. Also shown are residents standing for first time or re-election to the Board of Directors. Residents considering involvement with the Association in any capacity should contact the undersigned or any existing director. At this point we are unsure of the COVID-19 protocols that may be in place, so we encourage everyone to monitor developments on our website. We will be inviting our MLA, Jeremy Nixon, and our Ward 4 Councillor, Sean Chu, to review provincial and city issues relevant to community members.

Stay Safe But Remain Active.
Daryl Connolly, President CHCA

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