President’s Message – November 2022

November brings the cool temperatures but signals the start of the two outdoor ice rinks managed by our Rink Rats headed by Scott Jacobson. These ice surfaces attract residents and visitors alike all winter and we encourage everyone to enjoy the excellent ice surfaces provided by Scott and his crew. If you wish to help out please give Scott a call at (403-771-9755) and volunteer some of your time to helping out. The highlight of the skating season will be the Polar party scheduled for January 28. Watch the website ( and our Facebook page for details. 

The mural on the Community Hall wall facing our parking lot is now completed. The design incorporated mid century colours representing the age of the building with an abstract vibrance we wish to identify in an active and evolving Cambrian Heights. Pictured in the photo are the two design committee members Barb Milne and Andrew Connolly, along with the artists Larissa Schuler and myself. We hope everyone by now has seen the completed work either at the September outdoor concert, walking by or at our October Halloween pumpkin giveaway. 

Recently City Council passed a motion establishing a HousingGrade-Oriented (H-GO) zoning district to those areas within 200 meters of a main street or activity centre in areas without a Local Area Plan. This will allow medium density building defined as “brownstones and row housing’ in the middle of an RC-1 block. This was developed by City planners in consultation with developers and their building preferences. While specific rezoning to H-GO will require approvals, this plan fits with the City goals of densification. We will be monitoring any such applications in our community. 

We continue to move forward with the development of the Cambrian Heights Off-Leash Park bordering on Queen’s Park Cemetery. A new log feature has been installed  by Calgary Parks and they have confirmed their plans to add more trees in the spring of next year. The Committee is working with them on the type and design of the tree planting to sustain the balance between open spaces, clear vision and the shade and aesthetics of the added greenery.. The design of a central park feature has been published in prior newsletter issues and a funding campaign will be organized to support its development as we close 2022 and move into 2023.

As always, we continue to invite residents to become involved in community issues and activities by volunteering some time as either a Board member or volunteer for specific activities. Currently we are in need of both a Social and Casino Director. To discuss volunteer opportunities or if you have questions or comments please contact us at Consider at minimum registering your email address on our website to gain early access to upcoming programs, social events and issues of importance to the community.

Daryl Connolly, President CHCA

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