President’s Message – October 2016

Upcoming Events at Cambrian Heights Hall

Oct. 13 Wine Women’s Health Workshop 7-9pm Pre Event Tickets
Oct. 29 Halloween Party 6-10pm Coordinators Required
Nov. 17 Fall Open House 7:30-9:30pm Beer/Cider Tasting

For more information or to rsvp email or call (403) 284-1175.

President’s Message – October 2016

With the start of a new season for the Community, we look back on a very successful year of events and growth in Cambrian Heights. The annual Stampede Breakfast was a great success with over 300 guests well fed and entertained despite threatening weather. Earlier in the year our second annual Winter Skating Party and first ever Wine Tasting were successful and well-attended events. Our AGM was well attended with active discussion during the refreshments after the formal meeting. A Pub Night was initiated in May this year and hopes for attendance improvement will be fulfilled with a second event this fall or winter. A series of very well-attended seminars on the planting and caring of trees and shrubs put on by the City and hosted at the Community Halls was completed this June as we continued to provide new programs for our Community.

Our second Annual Spring Clean-up Event in June held in association with Rosemont Community was as in prior years rewarding with over 5600kgs of metal, 5000kgs of organics, 9520kgs of garbage and 1458kgs of electronic disposed of efficiently and environmentally.

Our first event of the fall will be a Picnic/BBQ on September 17 to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Cambrian Heights Community. We will follow this with a Women’s Health & Wellness event on October 13. This will hopefully initiate a new health-focused program series the first of which is scheduled for November. This program is being directed by Dr. Selma Mitha, who received a Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Southern California University of Health Sciences and is the owner of Kind Care Life. More information may be obtained by emailing

On October 29 we will host at the Community Hall our annual Halloween Party. This has been a very popular program for the children over the years. To ensure this continuing event we are urgently in need of volunteers and Coordinators who wish to help organize and introduce new ideas and activities. Please contact our Social Director Jodi Dixon ( if you have any questions or wish to contribute.

The Community will also be hosting an Open house and Beer/Cider tasting on November 17. At the Open House we will highlight the Community activities including City initiatives that will impact the community over the next few years. If you are at all interested in your community and perhaps at some point getting involved we welcome your attendance. If you have issues come and be heard as well. There will be both a formal and informal aspect to this event.

The Community Association continues to offer a $100 grant for community block parties. Application for this Grant may be made through the community email address. Costs will be reimbursed (excluding alcoholic beverages) with receipts pertaining to organized block parties with broad attendance of all age groups. We encourage you to access this funding and create your own block event for fall or winter.

As we have previously discussed in these monthly messages our Planning Committee continues to be active monitoring the issuance of Development Permits (“DP’s”) by the City in our community. This activity covers the gauntlet from secondary suites in RC-1 neighbourhoods, to best guidelines for maintaining the identity of our community with the growth and densification, to long-term transportation issues. Everyone should remain vigilant as to developments within their streets and if there are questions or concerns write to the community association ( or contact Daryl Beatty or Gary Wilson of the Planning Committee.

We continue to encourage all residents to participate in the community activities and future events and program planning by joining the association and communicating your thoughts either through emails or by attending one of our Board meetings which are always open for residents. In addition, we have recently initiated a Facebook page to help communicate and stimulate such activity. Our Secretary for the Board has indicated he will not be returning next year. If you are interested in exploring this volunteer position or others please contact us at our email address. The next meeting will take place Monday, October 2 at the Georgina Thomson  building on 14th Street and Northmount Drive NW at 6:30PM.

Remember Participation Builds Better Communities.

On Behalf of the Board;

Daryl Connolly, President

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