Participation Builds Your Community: An Interview with Barb Milne

What long-time Board Member has to say about volunteering for the Community:

Why did you volunteer in Cambrian Heights?

My relationship with the board began around 15 years ago when I contacted the community for support in protesting an eighty-foot cell tower that Bell Mobility was proposing on Northmount Dr. near 40th Avenue. In a community of bungalows, this height was the equivalent of an 8 storey building. Also, we already had three towers within a mile of this site. With cooperation in picketing the carwash site and circulating a petition, we successfully defeated the proposal. Later, I wanted to give something back, and I have sat on the board as the newsletter contact, ever since.

What benefit do you derive from participation in the Community?

I have gotten to know so many neighbours while working together on different initiatives, from setting up bridge classes to wine tastings. This forges a more meaningful sense of what community is.

Monthly time commitment?

We meet as a board 10 times a year, for 1 to 2 hours. Extra projects, such as helping with the AGM, or buying refreshments for an event might take another 8 or10 hours. I have enjoyed helping when I can, and if time does not allow and I am unable to help, I have never felt any pressure.

Why would I recommend that others participate?

Before I joined the board, I felt little connection to the larger community. I have since gained a voice in the month to month workings of the board and have gotten to know my fellow board members, as well as many residents. Seeing our community through the lens of others is an opportunity to appreciate what we have from multiple perspectives.

Please contact Daryl Connolly at for more information on how you can help. We have openings for board positions.

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