Participation Builds Your Community: An Interview with Jodi Dixon

What former Board member Jodi Dixon has to say about volunteering for the Community:

Why do you volunteer in Cambrian Heights?

I’ve volunteered a lot in my life and they all seem to have a similar purpose – bringing people together.  Why?  Probably because I consider myself a shy extrovert, which isn’t as odd as it sounds.  I get to be in the middle of all that amazing energy and allow myself to talk and meet people when I want or keep busy the other times.  

Also, volunteering in the community just felt like a great way to get to know the people who live here.  After 8 years of living in Cambrian I can walk down most streets and I’ll know one family or person because I met them at an event.  This gives me a great sense of peace and well-being.

What benefits do you get out of your community participation?

I can actively create and care for the kind of community I want to live in – one where I feel safe, welcomed, have fun things to do, enjoy natural spaces and connect with people on a deeper level.

One of my favourite events which I helped organize began as an interest of mine – the Winter Sports Sampler in 2017 – but turned out to appeal to many others. When the Foothills Nordic club met with the Association to let our community know they were moving their operations to Confederation Golf Course, an idea began forming.  What if we expanded the Polar Party – which highlighted our ice rink – to other winter activities such as cross country skiing, snowshoeing and Nordic winter walking? We accomplished this combination of the Community Association support as well as the instructors from the U. of Calgary Outdoor Centre, Foothills Nordic and Scary Bunny Be Fit.  I participated in each activity and thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved seeing others having so much fun.

How much time monthly is required?

When I volunteered as Social Coordinator the hours would vary: some months would be high, up to 20 hours or more; other months it might be a couple of hours.  Now I volunteer on individual events as I can.  Those events can take 5 hours or less a month.

Why would you recommend participation to others?

To feel the reward of being connected to others, having a sense of greater purpose and it’s just plain fun.

Please contact Daryl Connolly at for more information on how you can help. We have openings for V. President, Social, Casino and General Board positions.

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