Participation Builds Your Community: An Interview with Susan MacGregor

What former Board member Susan MacGregor has to say about volunteering for the Community:

Why did you volunteer in Cambrian Heights?

The Board generously provides access to land by the hall for the use of the garden group. Partly in return, I joined the Board to provide general help and so that the members of the community garden could be represented. With the Board striving to increase the involvement of the community, I thought that the perspective of our gardening community might be different from others, and could assist.

What benefit do you derive from participation in the Community?

Broadly, through involvement in the monthly Board meetings I learned of upcoming events and issues in our community. This allowed me to participate in those of concern and interest to me; this has strengthened my commitment and feelings for the community. As a member of the garden group I have enjoyed more gardening, the vegetables I grew and made some new friends with similar interests.

Monthly time commitment?

The monthly Board meetings lasted 2 to 3 hours, with additional opportunities to help with Board-sponsored events and to lead the garden. The overall commitment varied depending on my interest and availability to participate in the special events. Coordinating the garden group was largely a summer activity that included ensuring that the plots were all being used, maintaining a membership and waiting list, and providing a conduit to and from the Board. On average, this took an hour or so a week.

Why would I recommend that others participate?

I would absolutely recommend that others participate in the community association, in whatever capacity they are able to do. For me, there are several reasons for saying this. The community has given me access to land to grow food when my garden at home is not suitable. Since I benefit, I believe that I also have a responsibility to give back. Being on the Board was an opportunity to meet neighbours, help others, learn, and to have some fun.

Please contact Daryl Connolly at for more information on how you can help. We have openings for board positions.

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