John Laurie Blvd. N.W. Restoration

Construction is anticipated to start during the week of June 7. However, light on-site mobilization of the contractor’s equipment and lane closures are anticipated after June 2.

Construction will start at the John Laurie Blvd. N.W. and Brisebois Dr. intersection. This work is anticipated to be completed by early July. Access to the Nose Hill Park parking lot will be maintained during the majority of this time; however, access may be impeded due to construction. Full closure of the Many Owls Valley parking lot is planned for a few days and advance notification for this closure will be shared via project updates.

Early construction will include underground work at the John Laurie Blvd. N.W. and 19 St. intersection as well as the Charleswood Dr. intersection. Restoration work and paving will take place along John Laurie Blvd. N.W. during the majority of the construction period.

Throughout construction, there will be various temporary lane closures, lane shifts, and speed reductions; although, the project team will work hard to minimize the impacts to the commuters and travellers in the area as much as possible. Detours will be in place and we are asking the public to please follow all posted signage in the construction area including speed reductions and to expect some delays.

A project video is available on the web page at to help the public better understand the scope, schedule and impacts of the project including alternate options for parking during the Many Owls Valley parking lot closure. Bold signs were posted through the project area earlier this year and installation of variable message boards is underway. Other promotional tactics include a social media marketing campaign.

Visit John Laurie Blvd. N.W. Restoration & Reconstruction Shaganappi Tr. to 14 St. Public can also sign up for the email newsletter.

The future of single-family home communities is at stake

The Guidebook for Great Communities is going to Council on March 22, 2021. 

If you haven’t heard of the Guidebook to this point, it has the potential to significantly alter the nature of communities across Calgary, particularly as it relates to the future of single-family home communities.

The Cambrian Heights Community Association (CHCA), like many other community associations across the City, has expressed concerns about some of the proposals in the Guidebook.  As highlighted in a Calgary Herald insert this morning:

“The new policy for low-density residential development called “Neighbourhood Local” mixes housing forms (single detached, duplexes, semi-detached and row housing) which could lead to changes to existing density, height, setbacks, lot sizes and lot coverage and puts mature trees at risk.”

While below you will find links to various materials about the Guidebook, the Brentwood Community Association (BCA), a close neighbour to Cambrian Heights, has produced a very informative document that summarizes their concerns. The CHCA shares these concerns. The BCA document can be found here:

There are a variety of other sources for further information about the Guidebook as well; some are official City websites and some are private links.

The City of Calgary’s Guidebook website is:

Other individuals and Community Associations have posted materials here:

For those that are interested, there is still an opportunity to participate in a City of Calgary hosted Guidebook 101 session. The next session is on March 16th, and the details can be found here …

If you would like to comment on the Guidebook:

Contact Ward 4 Councillor Sean Chu (Ward 4 includes Cambrian Heights)

Contact The Mayor and City Council

Submit written comments prior to the meeting via

  • Comments must be received by March 15th at noon to be included in the Councillors’ package delivered by the end of the week

Speak at the March 22nd Council meeting

John Laurie Blvd Restoration and Reconstruction Project

As part of The City’s life-cycle maintenance and major roads restoration program, we’re completing pavement reconstruction and restoration work on John Laurie Blvd. N.W. Improvements will include road restoration and rehabilitation of John Laurie Blvd. from Shaganappi Tr. to 14 St., as well as full intersection reconstruction at Brisebois Dr.

This project will improve roadway operation, safety and surface characteristics of the roadway between Shaganappi Tr. and 14 St. and help to ensure the road continues to be safe, functional and in great condition for years to come.

Work will commence in Spring 2021 and continue through Summer 2021, with scheduled completion in Fall 2021. Regular project updates will be available and a link to subscribe to the project newsletter is posted on

Help us stay open

Help stop the spread with these tips from The City of Calgary:

Even if your symptoms are mild, isolate from your family so they don’t get sick.

  • Stay and sleep in a separate bedroom.
  • If possible, use a separate bathroom.
  • Sanitize any surface you touch.
  • If you need to go near your family for a minute or two, wear a mask and keep your hands clean.
  • Eat in a separate location and do not share food or utensils.

Indoor social gatherings are the number one way the COVID virus is spreading.

  • Socialize in outdoor settings: have a drink by a firepit, visit our zoo, and enjoy parks and skating rinks.
  • Avoid outdoor areas that are crowded.
  • If you feel unwell, even with mild symptoms, don’t meet anyone outdoors.

Driving with co-workers increases your risk of COVID-19 exposure.

  • Wear a mask and sit as far away from others as possible.
  • Clean your hands before you enter and after you leave the vehicle.
  • Sanitize frequently touched vehicle surfaces.

Have you started your 9 p.m. Routine?

Vehicle theft and car prowling prevention:

  • Garage openers should not be left in vehicles, or should be disengaged, as thieves can use them to gain entry into a home.
  • Avoid parking in unlit areas at night.
  • Lock your doors and close all windows at all times, even while you are in your yard.
  • Hide your valuables out of sight, or better yet, take them with you.
  • Don’t keep extra keys in your vehicle.
  • If you park your vehicle in a parkade, be sure that you do not let anyone else in who doesn’t belong when you are entering and exiting.
  • Report any suspicious activity or behaviour, such as someone trying door handles on parked vehicles.

Home and garage break-in prevention:

  • Offenders will often break into a residence as a way to steal a vehicle parked outside the residence. When you’re at home, store your vehicle keys away from the entrance to your house.
  • Consider installing home and vehicle alarm systems and vehicle anti-theft devices.
  • Ensure that all doors and windows are secured at all times, even when you’re home. Culprits need mere moments to commit a theft or break in. If you do open any windows or doors, make sure you only open them for rooms that someone is present in.
  • Report any suspicious people or activity in your community by calling 403-266-1234 or 9-1-1 if there is a crime in progress.






Community Association Pumpkin Event

On October 3 the Cambrian Heights Community Association gave away approximately 160 pumpkins to residents in celebration of Halloween 2020.
With the COVID-19 Pandemic restricting our ability to host our annual Halloween Party and Dance we thought this would be a good way of kindling the spirit of Halloween in these difficult times. These pumpkins were purchased directly from a local farmer and distributed by our Social Director Jodi Dixon and her team of volunteers including Mary Hopkins and her two able young assistants Robert and Michael.
With a number left over at the Community Center some volunteers including Lara and her daughter Hanna, Renelle, Mary and Jodi undertook to deliver pumpkins to senior residents and those who could not make it out on Saturday. Some remaining pumpkins were donated to the edelweiss Preparatory School housed in the Community center.
Other online contests are happening through October including best decorated house and best costume plus a roving DJ will tour the community Halloween evening.
Email your entries or request details from

Enjoy the spirit of the season with a free pumpkin!

We’ve got a few surprises to keep our community spirits up this season.  The first is a complimentary pumpkin for your household to enjoy.

Pick-up on:

Saturday, October 3


Hall parking lot

Limited quantities – one per house – we have reserved some for those with a 2020 Membership

Safety protocols will be in place.  Please consider wearing a mask even though we are outdoors.

Any questions, please email

North Central Family Resource Network Fall Programs

From the North Central Family Resource Network newsletter: 

This is a small snapshot of the happenings at the North Central FRN this fall. Please call our intake line at (403) 543-0555 to see what programs are accepting participants and to register.

Girl Talk, Online!

Join us every Wednesday online as we talk about self esteem, problem solving, coping strategies, healthy relationships and more through games, arts & crafts, yoga, meditation, nutrition and guest speakers! Program is for girls 12-17 years old.

Wednesdays, October 7-November 25 Online

Kids Konnect

Open to kids in grades 4-6; come and learn new skills, play games and meet new friends. Sessions may include, photography, nutrition, keeping active, arts and crafts and literacy!

Thursdays, October 22 – December 10 Online

My Kid’s New Thing

Kids seem to change every week, and sometimes you need to talk to other parents about it! Parents and Caregivers can join us for weekly conversations, connect with other parents, talk about kids successes and challenges, and learn from others.

Mondays, ongoing starting October 5 Online

Mask On

We are working with a wonderful group of community volunteers to create and sew masks for children, youth and adults during COVID-19. Volunteers will also have an opportunity to connect with one another virtually as they learn and sew together.

Stronger Families Parenting Program

This program will meet in person at the FRN as a small, physically distant group. Parents & Caregivers will learn practical skills to increase children’s positive behavior, decrease negative behavior and model appropriate behaviors. They will also learn how to enhance parent – child communication and build robust family relationships.

Tuesdays, October 6 – 27
In person

Cookin’ With The Youngin’s

Parents and Caregivers of kids ages 5-12 can come and learn how to get their kids involved by grocery shopping and cooking together, making healthy food look visually appealing so they will eat it, and learning about portion size for your child’s age and homemade versus processed food.

Tuesdays, October 9-November 13 Online

Fun Money, Smart Money

Four-session Money Management course for youth ages 14-18. Our Financial Literacy Facilitator will teach the youth tips, tricks, and budgeting skills to prepare for their financial future as adults!

Tuesdays, October 13-November 3 Online

Back to School in a Pandemic

From the North Central Family Resource Network newsletter:

This school year already looks different with COVID-19 protocols in place for students, staff and parents. Our Parent Educator, Lisa, has written some tips for families as they enter into this new season of back to school and transitions:

Be sensitive to your child’s feeling and emotions. Take time out of your day to listen to them and validate their feelings. By responding in a calm and caring way, you will reassure your child that you hear them and care about them.

Help kids help themselves to feel safe. Frequent talks about keeping socially distant and frequent handwashing for at least twenty seconds will help kids feel in control and empowered.

Breathing exercises are a great way to de-stress and get centered. A simple one is to pretend you are smelling a flower – breathe in and breathe out slowly. Practice as a family.

Have regular chats with your children about how their day went at school, ask questions and let them know you are there to listen and help with anything they are dealing with.

Click here to learn more about parenting during COVID-19

Click here to learn more about emotional regulation during COVID-19

Starting October 1, remember to tag your extra garbage bags

Starting October 1, if you have an extra bag of garbage that won’t fit in your City black cart, you’ll need to buy a garbage tag. Tags are $3 each and available at participating convenience and grocery stores or online. See the full list at

How to use garbage tags:

  1. Fill your black cart first.
  2. Place extra garbage in a bag and wrap a tag around the knot on top of the bag.
  3. On collection day, set the bag 0.5 metres (2 feet) from your black cart.

We encourage everyone to look at what you are buying and throwing away to find ways to reduce waste. Sorting materials correctly helps maximize the use of all three carts (blue, green, black).

Learn more at