Neighbours in Need

Neighbours in Need is an App and phone service that allows people in need of assistance to be connected with those in the community looking to help. So far in Calgary, almost one hundred volunteers across the city have signed up and are ready to assist. These requests for assistance range from getting groceries, taking a dog for a walk, to emotional support, finding someone to help them get set up and play a game of virtual cards to pass the time.

The service is free, completely volunteer-run and not for profit. There are two ways that people can access support:

By calling our toll-free line at 1-888-369-6555 and one of our volunteers or team members will coordinate the request, no technology required.
For those technologically proficient you can completely self-serve by going to, signing up for an account and posting your request. From there you will receive offers of assistance and can chat and coordinate as needed.

Launched on March 30, 2020 Neighbours in Need is a platform built to facilitate acts of kindness and community involvement on a hyperlocale scale. Their mission is to create a community of helpers ready to respond to needs in their area. Everyone may feel a little helpless in these uncertain times and it can be hard to know what to do. By channeling that energy into helping others the result can be one of the best ways to help yourself and to stay positive.

The platform allows users to post requests for help that are then visually represented on a map, and others to offer to facilitate these requests. Requests are envisioned ranging from delivery of groceries and supplies through to emotional support and community engagement. The platform also allows for facilitating these requests for help through chat-based instant messaging and other tools.

Built in Calgary, the project is completely not for profit, and there are no ads or other monetization on the platform. This is truly about using technology to help bring those together who are looking to support others and to create an outlet for people during challenging times.

We invite everyone to join the community, encourage those who are in need to ask for help and remain humbled by those willing to provide offers of assistance and comfort.

Dedicated Shopping Hours for Seniors

Effective Monday March 23, Calgary Co-op will devote 8:00 am to 9:00 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday especially to seniors and people living with disabilities, so that they have an opportunity to shop in a freshly sanitized, fully stocked store. Our Pharmacies will also open an hour earlier to support this.

In an effort to help seniors, Shoppers Drug Mart will be extending Seniors discounts to include the first open hour of each day. This is in addition to Seniors Days each Thursday. The hour will vary by store.

Sobey’s will devote the first hour of operations at many of their stores to those most vulnerable and those who require extra attention, particularly seniors.

Superstore is introducing dedicated shopping hours from 7am to 8am on Tuesdays and Fridays for our customers who need assistance or consideration, including seniors and people living with disabilities.

Update Due to COVID-19 Virus & Governmental Actions

With the worldwide pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, various human interaction and hygiene advisories were put in place by the Federal, Provincial and  Municipal governments. These advisories were rapidly followed by specific shutdowns of non-essential business, educational and recreational activities. Included in these mandated closures were the Calgary Community Facilities.

Cambrian Heights closed its hall doors the week of March 15 with the suspension of all social and recreational activities.

Our Yoga and Fitness programs have been switched to online activities and we invite you to access these programs by registering with Kyrsten (403-244-3001) for Yoga and Lorene ( for Fitness.

The Community is continuing to provide financial support to both program directors and our Hall Manager through this period of distress. For existing rental inquiries or status please contact Lora at

While the Edelweiss Preparatory School has been shut down the teachers continue to use the classrooms to provide online lessons.

All Events and other rental activities at the Community Hall have been suspended pending governmental direction.

As a result, the Board of Cambrian Heights has elected to cancel the Board meeting scheduled for April 6 and further to postpone the Wine Event highlighted in the April Newsletter for May 9 until the Fall. A decision on the holding of the Annual General Meeting scheduled for June 25, will be made later pending further information.

We anticipate the Community Hall will remain closed through April and May. This will also impact the holding of the Cambrian School Parents Yard Sale April 25 advertised in the April Community Newsletter.

We thank you for your understanding and encourage everyone to follow the various hygiene and stay at home guidelines being issued by the governmental health agencies to prevent the spread of this virus. Should you have any questions about activities in Cambrian Heights please contact us at Should you have questions relating to testing or any issues relating to COVID-19 please reference the Provincial Government website at

Daryl Connolly, President CHCA

CHCA Responds to the COVID-19 pandemic

By order of the Province of Alberta, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cambrian Heights Community Hall has suspended all Programs, Rentals and Edelweiss Preparatory School activities.

The Hall will remain closed until further notice. We cannot estimate how long this state of public health emergency will last.

Please watch our website for updates and future programs and rental activities. Should you have a rental scheduled for the Hall in April or May please contact Lora Riep, Hall manager at should you wish to cancel.

Community Planning Update March 2020

On March 4 the City of Calgary Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Development (PUD) forwarded a revised Guidebook for Great Communities to City Council on April 27th for their consideration and adoption. This City Planning Document, if adopted, will result in allowing duplexes, fourplexes, and taller commercial development throughout Cambrian Heights. Exclusive single family home areas or streets may cease to exist within inner city neighbourhoods. We encourage you to read the document and convey your opinions to our City Councillor Sean Chu.

Review the guidebook here.

At a recent Board meeting the CHCA Board adopted the following bulletin in regards to property development within our community. This is being released in response to inquiries regarding the Board’s position in regards to re-zoning RC-1 properties to allow for multi-family developments on what were previously single family home properties. We reference you to a previously posted document “Creating Our Future Together” in the Planning & Development section of the website for further context.

Review the document here.

Waste & Recycling Services update

Weekly green cart collection returns in April

The season is changing and so is your green cart collection. Your green cart will return to weekly pickup starting in April.

Sign up for free reminders or download the Garbage Day app for your smartphone so you never miss a collection day.

Find your schedule online at

Compost your food scraps

Follow these tips to make composting food scraps an easy part of your kitchen routine:

  • Remember that all kinds food scraps can be composted! This includes meal prep peelings, leftovers from fridge cleanings and plate scrapings.
  • Your kitchen pail is dishwasher safe! Clean it out every few weeks to help it neat and tidy.
  • Empty the pail every 2-3 days into your green cart to help reduce odours.
  • Moldy and expired food can go in the green cart – just make sure to separate from the container first before composting.

Find more tips at

Why food scraps are too good to waste

Did you know that food scraps and yard waste do NOT turn into soil in the landfill? Instead, it sits for a very long time and slowly breaks down, creating leachate (a toxic liquid that needs to be treated) and greenhouse gases like methane.
Pictured here are items from the 1970s, uncovered at a Calgary landfill almost 40 years later. These chicken bones, grass clippings and newspapers look very much the same as they did when they were put in the garbage, taking up valuable landfill space and creating harmful emissions.
Composting your food scraps and yard waste means we can:
  • Create nutrient-rich compost to help new plants grow
  • Conserves our precious landfill space for future generations
  • Prevent harmful environmental emissions
Keep composting Calgary!

Never miss your collection day with free weekly reminders

Did you know that The City provides free reminders for your blue, green and black cart pickup days? All you need to do is sign up! When it’s time to put your carts out for collection, we’ll send you a reminder. Get instant access to your pickup schedule, plus useful tips for using your blue, green and black carts. You’ll also receive notifications about any changes to your collection schedule.

Sign up for free collection day reminders at can get notifications by:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Telephone (this is a voice recording that can go to a mobile or landline)
  • Downloading the Garbage Day app on your smartphone

There’s also an option to print your own calendar. Don’t have access to a printer at home? Ask a family member or friend to print the calendar for you, or print it for free at a Calgary Public Library location.

Tell a neighbour, friend or family member to sign up too! If they need a bit of help, download the app on their iPhone/Android or sign them up for the type of reminders that work best for them, such as email or telephone. Visit to learn more.

Lego Contest 2019 had many impressive entries

On November 30 we held our third annual kids Lego Contest thanks to the organizer Nancy Else. It was again very well attended with 33 entries and about 75 people viewing the various Lego creations. Everyone was impressed with the creativity by the kids and especially the project done by the University of Calgary engineering students.

Please enjoy the pictures below and support events such as these through participation and adding your name to the volunteer list.

Contact should you wish to obtain information on volunteering or getting involved with other Cambrian Heights Community activities.


Cooking Class November 2, 2019

Chef Don Turnbull hosted the second cooking class this year at Cambrian Heights’ new commercial kitchen. This time the focus was on autumn with the deboning of a turkey-sized for 16 and cooked with all the trimmings within 1.5 hours. In addition to the main meal, there was specially prepared soup and a delicious dessert. Don was helped by Nancy Else with her two daughters who served the main course with wine in the main hall with festive music. Everyone enjoyed the cooking, carving, and presentation secrets of Chef Don with active questions and answers throughout the evening. The demand for another event was unanimous. A few pictures below demonstrate the intimate atmosphere and wonderful food prepared that evening.


Home Based Trade Show October 16, 2019

For the second year, the Parents of Cambrian School were supported by the Cambrian Heights Community in their Home Based Trade Show fundraiser. This year the vendor space was sold out offering a variety of crafts and market merchandise. The event was a success as monies were raised to support activities for the children in the school. Krista Steinke and her team of volunteers worked diligently to help the vendors best display their merchandise. While pre-event advertising used their parental association social media and Cambrian Heights helped with their signage and social media output, foot traffic was lighter than the prior year. Efforts for additional street signage next year should help improve the attendance as will testaments from this year’s happy shoppers. The pictures below show some of the vendors and the setup in the community hall. Be sure to attend next year and mark on your calendars on November 7th.