President’s Message – October 2020

As at September 1 the Community Hall opened up for rentals and the Edelweiss Preparatory School began classes September 8. New COVID-19 protocols are in place as recommended by Alberta Health Services (“AHS”). The City of Calgary has also implemented the requirement for face masks in all public indoor spaces. The Community Hall has a license of occupation with the City and is thus considered a public indoor space. However, private rental functions are excluded from the mask requirements although social distancing and the voluntary use of masks is encouraged. The need for Hall rental income and community social events has now to be balanced by the risks associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As such strict sanitization procedures have been put in place and only all day Saturday rentals will be initially allowed due to risks associated with the Edelweiss School children.

Our usual Fall indoor events, such as the Halloween Party, the Wine Event and the Lego Contest will, with the risks associated with public gatherings especially involving children or alcoholic beverage services, are considered too risky while we remain in this pandemic mode. Virtual events will be considered as replacements for these event themes. Please watch our website ( or, if you have registered for email updates, for notice of future event happenings.

In the same vein our weekly drop-in yoga program and our general fitness programs will continue to be offered online through the end of the year. Both Lorene Hughes – fitness ( and Kyrsten Blair – yoga ( will operate these programs, gaining from the experience gathered since COVID-19 forced this change in March. Please review the posters on these programs located in the Newsletter or our website for registration and timing details. As we approach the end of 2020 we will be monitoring AHS guidelines as to planning any return to actual community hall sessions.

In our September report we highlighted the closing of a “drug house” in our community utilizing direct neighbourhood resident initiation and the Provincial Government’s Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (“SCAN”) program expedited through the efforts of the Calgary Police Service (“CPS”) and the Alberta Sheriffs Branch. We have now published in our website a guide to “Dealing with a Problem Property” that explains the procedures and programs utilized in this effort. Should you witness similar continuous unusual and suspicious activity on your streets please review the insights in this document and feel free to contact the community association at for further information and guidance.

We are excited with the start of the Spanish language lessons in September at the Community Hall. This entry level course will run for 12 weeks ending December 1. It will be provided through Azren the Language Nerd staff. Attendance will be limited to eight participants this first time to provide an intimate and active experience. We hope this will be the first of many such language course curriculums. Watch for information on 2021 language courses in the Community Newsletter and Website.

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for October 5.  While these meetings normally take place at the Georgina Thomson City building on 14th Street and Northmount Drive, recent City guidelines have restricted that buildings use and for the near term all Board meetings will be held at the Community Hall. These meetings occur at 6:30 PM and residents are normally welcome to attend. At this point we are not encouraging community residents to attend due to health safety concerns. If you do wish to bring some issue forward to the Board please contact in advance of any meeting.

Remember Participation Builds Your Community’s Value.

Daryl Connolly, President CHCA

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October 22, 2020 Annual General Meeting 7:30 pm – 9 pm Hall

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